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How to Move Hearts, Change Minds and Sell Big Ideas that Change the World

Topic vs. Angle: What's the Difference?

Example #1:

  • Topic: The State of Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Angle: Could Cutting the Cord Accelerate Electric Vehicle Growth?

Example #2:

  • Topic: Storytelling for Service Executives
  • Angle: Why Storytelling Might Be the Best Kept Secret in Service Management

Example #3:

  • Topic: Latest Developments in Autonomous Vehicles
  • Angle: 3 Self-Driving Developments That Could Shape the Future of Field Service

Example #4:

  • Topic: Humility in Executive Leadership
  • Angle: How Great Leaders Break Free from the Ego Trap

Example #5:

  • Topic: Latest Developments in Alt-Fuel Vehicles
  • Angle: The State of Electrified Pickup Trucks in the North American Market

Example #6:

  • Topic: Truck and Van Upfits for Better Ergonomics
  • Angle: 3 Hacks to Improve Your Service Fleet’s Ergonomics (and Economics)

The bottom line...

Topic = general description; Angle = specific direction.

So what?

A common cause for writer's block: Trying to write on a topic instead of an angle. That's because a topic is too broad to cover in any meaningful way in a short-form piece. The angle narrows your focus, giving you a clear direction to make the research and writing processes much easier.

~ Sean

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