About Sean

When it comes to the craft of storytelling, Sean Lyden is not just a teacher, he's a practitioner.

He's a former columnist at Entrepreneur magazine and has written professionally for over two decades, currently serving in editorial roles at Utility Fleet Professional magazine and ExpeditersOnline. As a veteran journalist covering the fleet management and trucking sectors, Sean writes and speaks extensively on topics about the future of transportation and its impact on business and society.

But in recent years, he has discovered that the same storytelling techniques that he uses as a journalist can also help entrepreneurs become more effective and persuasive communicators—to grow their sales, attract top talent, and secure the funding they need to build a successful venture.

And that's why he launched the Strategy & Storytelling blog and his consulting firm, Lyden Communications LLC: To teach and coach entrepreneurs on what to say (strategy) and how to say it (storytelling)—with their elevator pitch, website, presentations, and articles—to help them grow their business.