3 Must-Read Articles to Help You Write Faster (and Better)

Photo by Jan Kahanek on Unsplash

Photo by Jan Kahanek on Unsplash

The writer’s struggle is real.

At any point, you may find yourself battling against self-doubt, distractions, lack of perspective, or even bonafide writer’s block.

How can you set yourself up for success? How do you navigate the swarm of obstacles that would deny you from getting your ideas out into the world?

Is there anything you can do to produce content faster without compromising substance?

Take a look at these three must-read articles to help you write faster and better.

How to Write Faster: 7 Game-Changing Strategies to Get. It. Done.


Scott Allan

Allan offers seven practical tips on how to squeeze the most out of every minute you spend writing. Establishing healthy writing habits, he says, are the key to thriving as a writer. He suggests, among other things, writing every day no matter the subject, making use of outlines to gain perspective on your work, and being less nitpicky during the rough draft stage.

Biggest Takeaway

Writing is about more than just making words appear on paper or a screen. If your process is a mess, then your writing will be also. Streamline your writing strategy and develop good writing habits to produce higher quality work more often.

This Is What You Need to Do to Write Better, Faster


Alida Miranda-Wolff

As a professional writer, Miranda-Wolff understands how painful writing can be sometimes. She advocates creating a “repeatable process” that gives way to creativity while simultaneously battling interruptions, writer’s block, and doubt.

Biggest Takeaway

Developing a writing process can be a painstaking practice. You have to start somewhere, though, if you want to see faster and better results. Once you have a strategy, revise it often to make sure it continues to work for you.

How to Become a Better, Faster, and More Efficient Writer in 7 Steps


Neil Patel

Patel offers wisdom on how to produce greater content in less time. He shares his own strategies, which involve focusing on specific parts of the writing process one at a time, maximizing flow by eliminating distractions and negative self-talk, and automating as much of the writing process as possible.

Biggest Takeaway

Creating better content quickly without sacrificing quality is an attainable goal. But, you must apply the consistent effort required to accomplish it.

Sean M. Lyden is CEO of Lyden Communications LLC, an Orlando, Fla.-based consulting company that helps entrepreneurs increase sales through storytelling.

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