4 Sentences to Strengthen Your Network

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I recently listened to a podcast that interviewed entrepreneur and podcaster Jordan Harbinger who shared a simple technique for keeping in touch with people, where you don’t come across as awkward or obnoxious.

The idea is that when you scroll through your text messages if you notice that it has been a while since you connected with that person, send a quick text that goes something like this:

Been a while. What’s the latest with you?

No rush on the reply. I know everyone’s busy.

Here are three reasons why this template is effective:

#1. It’s low key.

You’re not asking anything of the recipient. And they don’t feel the obligation to reply—which, ironically, means that they’ll be more likely to respond.

#2. It’s thoughtful.

You’re letting them know that you’re thinking of them without an agenda. While that text may stir up a meeting or lead to a sale, that’s not your objective here. At this point, your goal is merely to strengthen that relationship—and your network as a whole—in a way that ultimately brings value to all parties involved.

#3. It’s simple.

You can do it while standing in line at a Starbucks or waiting to get on your next flight. A few seconds, here and there, and you’ve strengthened bonds with people who could be vital to your success.

Email Adaptation

In some situations, it may not be appropriate to send a text. In that case, you could adapt Harbinger’s script as an email, using more formal sentence structure. It could look something like this:

Hi Steve,

It’s been a while. What’s the latest with you?

No rush on the reply. I know everyone’s busy.

Hope all is well with you and family.

My best,


The Bottom Line

Give it a try. See if it can help you strengthen the bonds in your network without taking much time out of your day.

Send me a line at sean@lydencommunciations.com and let me know how it works for you!

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